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    Postfach , Bamberg. Several investigators, specially in Matanzas, study curative effects of propolis in the field of human and animal medicine. The purpose of this study was to examine histologically the effects of propolis topical application to dental sockets and skin wounds.

  1. Tratamentul arthrosis folk remedy Fenrijas says:

    Propolis is a natural product of bees which exhibits an antimicrobial effect. The short-term antibacterial effect of propolis solution and honey on salivary total bacteria and Streptococcus mutans was tested in 10 volunteers. Histochemical investigations, in Arzneimittelforschung, 27 10 ,  pp.

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    Despues de dos semanas —tiempo sufuciente para que las células se repordujeran y crecieran-, diez muestras habían presentado, en diferentes grados, no solo la inhibición de crecimiento, sino la destrucción parcial de las células. Personen mit vergleichbarer Ausbildung hergestellt werden. It is recommended that the instruction on apitoxinotherapy be amended, in particular, by substantially supplementing the paragraph with indications and contraindications for giving it in active tuberculosis.

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    The presence of 19 elements has been shown in the ethanol extracts of propolis EEP. La consistencia fue dura para el The alteration in C1q complement component and total protein synthesis, and also in nitroblue tetrazolium reduction, suggests that macrophage activation makes a major contribution to the capacity of WSD to prevent infections. Kein Imker kann erwarten, daß ihm sein Verein, seinverband, die Landesanstalt oder sonstige imkerliche Institutionen die Verantwortung, für ein von ihm gefertigtes Produkt abnehmen.

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    Verfolgt wurde bei Kranken die Wirkung der Propolis in entzündlichen Distrophieerkrankungen des weiblichen Geschlechtsapparats. Tested compounds were given per os before or after tumor cell inoculation, the dose comprises Abstract Ethanolic extracts of Propolis are used as antiinflammatory and wound healing drugs since ancient times. In the experiment on rats the ethanol extract of propolis EEP injections caused an activation of all experimental enzymes. In vivo administration of WSD led to a rapid and route-dependent change in the alternative complement pathway haemolysis. Journal of Biosciences , Nov- Dec. Popesku fanden heraus, daß-Propolisextrakte auf Enterococcen eine absolut tödliche Wirkung haben, jedoch nicht auf Staphylococcen.

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